Pharm Organics review

When researching the best CBD brands on the market, one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest – Pharm Organics CBD.

This company has an exceptional product range that’s both effective and affordable. Geoff Kulacz founded the company as a veteran looking for alternative medicines for his back pain. The pharmaceutical options provided by the military weren’t doing him any good, and he decided to try CBD to handle his pain issues. The rest is history.

Looking through Pharm Organics reviews online, we find that there are hundreds of positive testimonials for all of their products. Users range from first-timers to seasoned patients that have plenty of experience with CBD products.

The broad-spectrum CBD oils on offer at Pharm Organics consist of the best ingredients and superior extraction methods. It results in a range of highly effective products that are suitable for treating a variety of adverse health conditions and disorders, from pain relief and sleep problems to anxiety and depression.

In this Pharm Organics CBD review, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about the company’s production process and its product offering.

Pharm Organics – Sourcing

Pharm Organics CBD oil comes from hemp sourced on Colorado farms. The grower also has a Health and Free Sale Certification from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Therefore, the hemp sourced for all Pharm Organics CBD products has a certification of suitable for human consumption, as per government regulations.

The farm is also the source for many other brands hemp. The ideal growing conditions in Colorado produces some of the best quality hemp products in the world, and it’s the ideal source for manufacturing high-quality CBD products. Colorado farmers have decades of experience in farming methods for cultivating hemp, and some of the best farming practices on the planet.

Pharm Organics – Extraction

Pharm Organics uses the CO2 and ethanol method of extraction. The plant material first undergoes “wintering” with ethanol to remove all of the wax and chlorophyll from the plant matter. The next step in the process is vacuum distillation, which removes all of the ethanol from the product.

Pharm Organics specializes in producing broad-spectrum hemp oils, keeping the valuable terpenes from the plant in the oil while removing all of the psychoactive THC from the product. Pharm Organics meets cGMP and FDA regulations for containing less than 0.3% THC in its CBD oil.

This comprehensive extraction method ensures that every batch of Pharm Organics oil is safe for human consumption, with no harmful toxins. All you get is pure, broad-spectrum CBD oil in every product your purchase.

Pharm Organics – Scent and Flavoring

Pharm organics also offers flavored CBD oils for those users that don’t like the taste or scent of hemp.

You get the choice of mint, Sicilian orange, or citrus lemon as an additional flavoring to the oil products. We found all of the flavors to have a delicate aroma and taste that were fantastic. We love all of the flavors, but if we had to pick one, we think that the Sicilian orange is the best of the bunch.

For those seasoned users that prefer unflavored products, Pharm Organics also offers natural flavored oils as well. The unflavored version has a lovely light hemp taste, along with earthy and nutty notes. The hemp fragrance is mild and not intrusive.

Pharm Organics – Packaging

Pharm Organics has traditional packaging of dark glass bottles for its oil tinctures to prevent UV rays from damaging the oil. You get a dropper in the black-color cap for accurate dosing as well.

When it comes to branding, we think that Pharm Organics has clean and effective labels that clearly represent the product.

The font offers a professional tone to the overall product package, and each product has a color-coded label for easy identification. For instance, the CBD oil tinctures come in a brown bottle with a green and white label.

Pharm Organics – Potency

Pharm Organics offers its tinctures and oils in concentrations of 250-mg, 500-mg, 1,000-mg, and 1,500-mg per bottle. The 1,500-mg option features 50-mg of CBD oil per ml, and the dropper makes it easy to measure your dose accurately.

While its top-shelf 1,500-mg offering might be lower than many other brands, we fell that it’s a comfortable dose, and you can always step things up by doubling or tripling your dose for severe chronic pain relief.

Pharm Organics – Third-Party Testing

Where Pharm Organics excels is in its third-party testing. Third-party testing is absolutely essential for any top-level CBD brand, and the transparency of testing results is vital to keep the company accountable.

Pharm Organics utilizes not one, but two third-party testing authorities for its CBD products. The first lab is PhytaTech, a Denver-based company that services other companies and brands in the CBD industry.

The second is Pixis Labs, an Oregon-based company that also services other brands in the CBD sector. Phytatech conducts third-party testing, looking for any traces of microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals, while also measuring the CBD concentration in the oil.

Pharm Organics also conducts internal; testing for residual solvents and terpene content as well. The company is totally transparent with its testing results, and you can view them on its website. Transparency is critical when assessing the best CBD brands. Any brand that does not offer the public its testing result is suspect.

We can’t stress the importance of third-party testing enough, and it’s nice to see a brand that takes this part of the manufacturing process seriously. The transparency of its third-party testing is the best in the industry, and we’re confident in saying that Pharm Organics is one step ahead of the competition in this regard.

Pharm Organics – Certifications and Affiliations

Every batch of Pharm Organics CBD oil meets FDA-certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), The oil undergoes a rigorous inspection process, and according to the website, the company follows “stringent and unprecedented testing standards.” We also like that Pharm Organics follows quality standards set by ISO 9001, which is a global quality standard, not many other brands care to follow.

Pharm Organics is also a member of the National Hemp Association, where it has affiliation as a board member. The organization dedicates itself to expanding the hemp industry, as well as public awareness on the benefits of using hemp products.

Pharm Organics – Pricing and Ordering

Considering the high quality of Pharm Organics, we’re pleasantly surprised to see it has an affordable price point. The 1,500-mg oil product retails for $134.95 for 30-ml, which is in line with most other brand’s pricing.

The company ships orders from its website in 3 to 5-days, anywhere in the United States. We recommend that you purchase from the site, and they’ll offer you a promotional discount code with your first order. There are also plenty of other places to find discount codes for Pharm Organics products online.

Pharm Organics – Customer Service

The customer service on offer from Pharm Organics is excellent. The customer service team responds to all queries within 24-hours, and you can reach them through the email address listed on the site.

The company also offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. You have to pay for the return shipping, and you need to return the product unopened.

Pharm Organics – Product Range

This brand has a simplistic yet effective product offering. Pharm Organics have products that cover a wide range of application methods, from transdermal absorption to ingestion. Let’s look at the product offering in this Pharm Organics review.

Pharm Organics CBD Oil and Tinctures

Every bottle of Pharm Organics CBD oil and tinctures come packed with a diverse blend of concentrated triglycerides, oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The tinctures are safe for use in treating a variety of adverse health conditions and disorders.

You also get the option of natural flavors added to the raw oil and tincture. Choose from Mint, Sicilian Orange, or citrus lemon flavoring. The oil and tincture comes in 4 different strengths of 250-mg, 500-mg, 1,000-mg, and 1,500-mg per 30-ml bottle.

Pharm Organics CBD Oil Softgels

If you can’t stomach the taste and flavor of the oil, then you can always use the CBD soft gels. The soft gels don’t repeat on you (neither does the oil), and there’s no mess involved with using a dropper. All you need to do is swallow a pill to get your daily dose of CBD.

Each soft gel contains a proprietary terpene-rich, water-soluble hemp oil, delivering you all the benefits of the oil. Each container comes with 30-capsules, and you have a choice of 10-mg or 25-mg strengths.

Pharm Organics CBD Gummies

We love the gummies from Pharm Organics. Unlike other brands that include corn syrup and sugar in the ingredients, the Pharm Organics gummies are sugar-free and suitable for vegans. The ingredients include broad-spectrum CBD oil and MCT coconut oil, with no artificial flavors, colorants, or sweeteners.

The delicious gummies come in 10-mg doses, with strawberry, orange, lemon, cherry, and grape flavors available. You get 300-mg of CBD per bottle and 30-units.

Pharm Organics Pet Tincture

When your pet is feeling anxious on those trips to the vet or during a boarding stay, feed them some Pharm Organics pet tincture to calm them down. The unflavored tincture comes in a 10-oz bottle with 500-mg per bottle.

Pharm Organics Pet Treats

If your dog or cat doesn’t like the taste of oil tincture, then let them try the pet treats on offer from Pharm Organics. The treats come in a tasty beef flavor, with 2-mg of CBD per treat, and 30-units in a bag.

Pharm Organics CBD Salve

For those patients dealing with inflammation and pain from injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis, give the CBD salve a try. The slaves come infused with CBD, lavender, and eucalyptus, giving the balm a pleasant aroma that feels cool on the skin. The salve absorbs quickly, with no greasy feel after it dries. Available in 500-mg options.

Pharm Organics CBD Capsules with Melatonin

If you’re having trouble with sleep, then you’re one of the 50-million Americans dealing with this issue. Pharm Organics CBD capsules with melatonin come in a 750-mg bottle, with 30-capsules featuring a 25-mg dose, and blended with melatonin, a natural hormone produced in the body that prepares us for sleep.

Pharm Organics CBD Deep Freeze Roll-On

For those athletes and sportspeople that experience muscle aches and strains, try the Pharm Organics Deep Freeze Roll-on. This topical CBD treatment is ideal for loosening up stiff muscles and boosting exercise recovery. Available in a 750-mg option.

Pharm Organics CBD Hemp Energy and Focus Drink

Berry fusion flavor / 13.5-mg CBD per sachet

If you feel like a boost of energy during the day, try the Pharm Organics hemp energy and focus drink. This tasty beverage comes in a berry fusion flavor that tastes fantastic. Each box contains 5-sachets, with 13.5-mg of CBD per sachet.

Pharm Organics Bundle Options

The company also offers specialized bundles as well.

Starter CBD Bundle

Travel CBD Bundle

Athlete CBD Bundle

Muscle CBD Bundle

Puppy Pamper Bundle

Wrapping Up – The Verdict

If you’re looking for top-shelf CBD products, then it’s tough to beat Pharm Organics. The company has an excellent product range, focusing on topicals and consumables. There are no fad products, and the quality of the CBD in each product is the best we could find in the industry.

What really makes this brand stand out from the competition is its third-party testing and transparency in the testing results. We would highly recommend Pharm Organics if you’re looking for the best CBD products available.