Green Roads CBD review

Green Roads CBD is an example of a family business with humble beginnings that grew into an industry leader. Founded by Lara Fuentes and Arby Barroso in 2011, Green Roads CBD states that their brand commits to providing effective, safe alternatives to prescription medications.

The company also distributes its products to more than 5,000-retail locations across the United States, making it one of the most well-known brands in the CBD market.

With that bold mission statement on its website, Green roads better live up to its claims. Let’s unpack the companies offering in this Green Roads CBD review.

Green Roads CBD – Sourcing

Green Roads states that it sources all its hemp plants locally in Colorado. There’s no international influence on sourcing, allowing the company to focus on the quality from its producers. All hemp harvested and used in the production of Green Roads CBD products is GMO-free and features no use of pesticides.

Green Roads CBD – Extraction

Green Roads CBD utilizes the industry-adopted CO2 extraction method for the best results. The distillation process results in a CBD product that contains less than 0.3% THC, removing the majority of the psychoactive cannabinoids from the extract.

The company relies on in-house quality control for its plant production and utilizes no solvents or chemical fertilizers in its production methods. The company sends its hemp from Colorado to Florida for processing.

The most impressive part of Green Roads CBD manufacturing process is that the company utilizes third-party testing on all of its products. The brand is entirely transparent with its testing results, and you can review them directly on its website.

Testing is a vital part of any CBD company, and it’s no different with Green Roads CBD. Third-party testing ensures that the company’s product line sticks to the industry standards regarding THC concentrations of under 0.3%.

Green Roads CBD uses Evio Labs as its third-party testing facility, and the company tests all of its batches, as well as the formulations. Every product label also features a QR code, allowing you to check on the batch results for your specific product.

Green Roads CBD – Scent and Flavoring

Green Roads CBD offers flavored and unflavored products to suit the taste of any user. Since Green Roads make sue of CO2 extraction methods, the taste of the unflavored CBD products is light, and there’s little to no aftertaste, as well as no repeating.

However, it’s important to note that the pet tinctures have a far stronger hemp scent than the regular tincture marketed for human use.

The company also offers flavored versions of most of its products. However, if you don’t like the smell or taste of hemp, you have the option of using one of its other products, such as gummies or capsules. The company also offers CBD-infused tea and coffee products, as well. We couldn’t notice any hemp flavor in the coffee, and light hemp flavor in the tea.

The gummies have a sweet taste and a very light hemp aftertaste that doesn’t hang around for long. The company also offers terpene products that have a natural cannabis fragrance, so make sure you read the label before making your purchase.

Green Roads CBD – Potency

Some CBD users find that broad-spectrum products don’t have the same efficacy as full-spectrum products. However, our research and testing find that the broad-spectrum products on offer with Green Roads CBD, have a similar profile and efficacy to most full-spectrum products we tested from other brands.

The CO2 extraction methods utilized by Green Roads CBD ensures a highly potent extract that contains all the CBD you need to treat your ailments. Most Green Roads CBD products come in two levels of potency, allowing you to choose the strength that suits your medicinal needs.

Green Roads CBD – Packaging

Ordering through the Green Roads CBD website is a straightforward and easy process. The customer service team responds quickly to any requests, and the site has a live chat, which is a nice touch. The company ships your CBD through UPS, with wholesale orders dispatched through FedEx.

All orders above $100 qualify for free shipping in the United States. If you want to insure your shipment and add a tracking number, you can do so at checkout for an additional fee.

Green Roads CBD – Pricing

The CBD oil on offer from Green Roads CBD comes in a variety of seven different strengths, ranging from 100-mg to 3,500-mg.

The price points for each product are in-line with other industry brands, and we feel like they offer excellent value for money, especially when you consider the quality of the product and the third-party testing.

Green Roads Product Range

Green Roads CBD has one of the most diverse product offerings online, with a focus on popular products that have a high market demand. Let’s break down the company’s range.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD clear, and oil is one of the most popular options available online. The company has seven different strengths for its CBD oil, ranging from 100-mg to 3,500-mg.

One of the unique product offerings available through Green Roads CBD is its range of pre-filled droppers. These droppers come with a pre-measured dose, and they’re ideal for people that need to take their CBD on the go.

Green Roads CBD oils have a relatively neutral taste. There’s no unpleasant kick from taking a dose and no repeating of the flavor. If you can’t stomach the taste of hemp, then we recommend you look into a flavored version, or use gummies or pills for your CBD dose.


CBD Capsules

Green Roads CBD offers you CBD capsules in 750-mg concentrations only. Each serving contains 25-mg of broad-spectrum CBD, with 30-capsules in each bottle. The pills are vegan-friendly, with a glycerol base that makes them easy for your body to digest.

We like the slow-release of this CBD formula and its ideal for people that need a one-a-day dosing protocol.

CBD Gummies

Green Roads CBD has some of the best gummies available from any brand online. Green Roads CBD has a different gummy offering. The CBD gummy bears have 30-bears in each container, suitable for a month’s supply, giving you 300-mg of CBD per container.

The gummies have a sweeter taste than most offerings from other brands. We were kind of disappointed to see sugar and corn syrup labeled in the ingredients. However, considering we’re only eating one small gummy bear, it doesn’t seem like too much of a scandal.

Green Rods CBD Froggies are the next gummy offering from the company. The Froggies have three different dose levels, with 100-mg, 200-mg, and 300-mg containers available. However, with each pack, you only get four servings.

The Froggies are ideal for patients dealing with chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, as well as people dealing with severe sleeping disorders like insomnia. The site also recommends them as a treatment for depression as well.

The final gummy offering from Green Roads CBD, are the Fruit Snacks. You get 10-mg of CBD per servings, and 20-Fruit Snacks in a bag. “Sleepy Z’s” is the best option for those patients looking to increase their sleep quality. Each Sleepy Z contains 30-mg of CBD, making them ideal for treating insomnia and restless legs.

CBD Topicals

The Green Roads CBD Pain Cream gives you around 1.4-mg of CBD per dose. This paraben-free formulation is safe for use with patients that have skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, or allergies to petroleum-based skin products.

The cream comes in a pump-dispenser delivery system, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. Apply the cream directly to the skin on the area where you’re experiencing pain. The cream absorbs rapidly into your skin, leaving no greasy residue.

Green Roads CBD cream is ideal for treating pain and inflammation, and it’s a top choice for anyone that’s training or competing in sports. Green Roads CBD cream features infusion with lavender oil, menthol, and chamomile extract, increasing the nervine and pain-relieving properties of the formulas.

CBD Beverages

One of the most exciting offerings from Green Roads CBD is its range of CBD-infused beverages. The beverages feature formulation with 100% organic hemp extract, and the company adds Omega-3 EFAs, vitamins, oils, and terpenes to the beverages to enhance the nutritional value and flavor of the drinks.

We like the coffee product, which features 250-mg of CBD per serving. You also get a decaf version as well, which is ideal for anyone dealing with caffeine sensitivity. The coffee tastes great, and there’s no lasting taste of hemp in the flavor profile either.

We enjoyed the brand’s CBD-infused tea, as well. The hemp taste is more pronounced in the tea when compared to the coffee, but it still leaves no lingering after taste or repeat. Each serving of tea gets you 7-mg of CBD.

Wrapping Up – The Verdict

Overall, we have to say that Green Road CBD is one of the more reputable CBD brands online. The product range is fantastic, and the packaging has an almost medical feel, with clean lines, simple logos, and the use of plain colors.

What impresses us the most is the company’s commitment to third-party testing. Not many other companies are willing to put their reputation on the line like that. It seems like Green Roads CBD really does live up to its claim of producing high-quality CBD products that are an alternative to prescription medications.