Elixinol review

Elixinol is a CBD producer based out of Colorado. Paul Behaim founded the company with the goal of providing the globe with high-quality CBD products for use in human consumption. Paul has a passion for the healing power of cannabis and CBD in particular. His understanding of hemp is on another level, and when chatting with him, his enthusiasm is evident.

What is Elixinol? Elixinol is a brand dedicated to helping people in need, and that forms the basis of the company’s values. The company also hosts charity events, as well. We think that Elixinol is one of the best CBD product manufacturers in the industry, and in these Elixinol reviews, we’ll unpack the company’s offerings.

Elixinol Sourcing

If there’s one part of its operation were Elixinol excels, it’s in its product sourcing. The brand has an international footprint in the hemp market. It only sources the best quality hemp from a variety of locations around the globe, including the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Elixinol only partners with producers that share its passion for high-quality herbal medicine., and the results show in its products.

Elixinol – In-House Testing

Elixinol tests all of its products in house, without the use of a third-party testing facility. Some users might find this suspect, as there’s no way to verify the manufacturer’s claims when it comes to the quality of the oil and its derivative products.

However, the company states that all of its products go through rigorous in-house testing for quality. The company also uses “dummy” batches from time to time to test the results of its lab equipment.

Elixinol – Extraction

Elixinol utilizes the CO2 extraction method for developing its crude oil. This process includes winterizing the hemp to remove all fats and wax before the oil undergoes a decarboxylation process to activate the CBD compound for use internally.

Elixinol – Flavoring

Just as Elixinol uses an in-house testing process, it also makes use of an in-house formulator for flavoring its products as well. The company uses the same CO2 extraction process for its flavors that it does for its hemp extracts.

As a result, the brand retains the properties of the plants it uses for its flavors. For instance, the mint and cinnamon flavoring in its vape cartridges retain all of the menthol and other polyphenol antioxidants found in these herbs and spices.

Elixinol – Product Returns

The company offers an excellent level of customer service, attending to email queries in 1 to 2-business days. It also provides a full return and exchange policy as well. You can return your product to the company, with unopened packaging, within 90-days, and you have 30-days to request a refund for your purchase.

It takes the company between 2 to 5 business days to process your order, and they ship it with 2 to 4-days after filling your order. This shipping process is somewhat in-line with most other high-quality CBD company’s.

Excellent Pricing

Elixinol is one of the more expensive CBD companies. Its top tincture product comes in a whopping strength of 5,000-mg, in a 4-oz container, retailing at just under $600. Considering the quality of the brand and its reputation, the tincture, while expensive, is still excellent value for money.

The company also runs promotions with other platforms, and you’ll often find then releasing coupons and discount codes if you know where to look. We recommend that you only buy Elixinol products directly from the official website, as there are reports of fake products sold on platforms like Amazon.

Elixinol CBD Product Range

Elixinol has one of the best ranges of CBD products online. However, the range hasn’t experienced much change over the last year. The company states that it focuses its research and development on enhancing its current offering, rather than chasing down industry trends.

Let’s unpack each of the offerings from Elixinol, and focus on the user experience for each product.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

All tinctures feature the same high-quality Elixinol CBD oil found in all of its other product offerings. The CO2 extraction process ensures that you get the highest quality product, with no dangerous hydrocarbons or trace heavy metals found in many other online CBD products from startup companies.

The company has three tincture products available in mint, grape, and natural flavors. You have the choice of purchasing your Respira CBD in 300-mg or 600-mg strengths. The company suspends its CBD in vegetable glycerin, which is non-toxic and not harmful, making the tincture suitable for human consumption.

Elixinol CBD hemp oil is available in 300-mg and 3600-mg versions, making it the ideal choice for someone new to using CBD. All of these oils follow the same extraction processes, and you have a quality guarantee that there’s nothing harmful in the tincture.

You also get the flagship Extrato Rico Em CBD Cannabidiol, featuring a 5,000-mg concentration of CBD. This product has the highest strength, and you’ll need to email the company your prescription if you want to purchase this product online. This product also features formulation with MCT oil instead of the vegetable glycerin used in the other tincture products.

Elixinol CBD Capsules

Elixinol offers CBD capsules, as well. The company also uses CO2 extraction methods for producing the CBD used in these products. Users state that they find the pills to be more potent than the tincture, which makes no sense since it’s the same CBD product in both delivery systems. However, we suspect there may be some placebo effect in the reviews.

Elixinol offers the capsules in 450-mg or 900-mg strengths, with 60-servings in a bottle. Each of the capsules contains a blend of 75-mg of hemp oil and 15-mg of CBD. Elixinol guidelines for dosing suggest the user take the capsules at the same time each day to optimize the effects of the herbal medication.

Elixinol CBD Liposomes

Elixinol is one of the few CBD brands that sell liposomes. Liposomes have a specific formulation that increases absorption rates while improving the bioavailability of the CBD. The company offers its liposomes in two different strengths of 300-mg and 1,000-mg.

Both options feature 100% organic and natural herb and fruit extracts that taste fantastic. The product packaging is excellent, with the liposome coming in a pump dispenser bottle that’s spill-proof. The application is easy and fast using the pump.

However, if we have one gripe about the pump, it’s that we think it leaves some of the product in the bottle when it starts to get empty. All you need is one spray under the tongue, and you get your daily dose of CBD. If you struggle with handling the taste of the liposome, then you have the added option of mixing it with water as well.

Elixinol Topical Balms

Elixinols range of topicals is one of the new additions to its product lineup. The company listens to its customers, and they put out some high-quality topicals that live up to the brand’s reputation. The CBD lip balm is fantastic for soothing inflamed and dry lips.

We tried it after experiencing a sunburn and felt immediate relief as soon as we applied the balm to our lips. The company states that the formula helps with cell regeneration, protecting your lips from the elements like the sun’s UV rays and wind.

The balm contains the company’s full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, but it also includes the use of Vitamin E and omega-3 oils in its formulation as well. The balm has excellent moisturizing properties, and the plant-based formula allows for rapid penetration and uptake.

Elixinol CBD Applicators

If you’re looking for a precise delivery system for your CBD, then Elixinol X-pen oral applicators are your best option. This vacuum-sealed dispenser holds 1,000mg of CBD. The X-pen is user-friendly and dispenses around 66-servings before you need to refill the pen.

Elixinol CBD Powder

As with all of its products, Elixinol CBD Powder also features full-spectrum CBD extracted with the CO2 method.

The powder comes in serving-size packaging, with citrus, berry, and cocoa flavors available. You can settle on a box of your favorite flavor, or buy a mixed flavor box that has 7-servings of each flavor.

Elixinol Wholefood Hemp

If you’re a vegan looking for a high-quality hemp protein powder, then Elixinol has a fantastic offering. When it comes to protein, hemp has a full spectrum of all the amino acids you need to stay healthy. With 16-grams of protein per 32-gram serving, it’s one of the highest protein counts from a non-dairy protein powder.

We found the powder easy to mix with water, and the taste is excellent. It’s the ideal protein powder for vegans and vegetarians, and it’s allergen-free. We got no stomach discomfort from the powder, and it comes with a decent serving of Omega-3 and 6 EFAs as well.

Wrapping Up – The Verdict

Elixinol is a top brand in the CBD market, and we felt that the product offering was excellent. We feel that the company would do better by increasing its transparency and offering up its products for third-party testing.

However, the user reviews online are excellent, and we think that this company’s range is excellent. We also like the companies charity initiative, which donates 5% of the sale to either AutismOne, Realm of Caring, or Vote Hemp.