CBDistillery review

The CBDistillery is everything you would expect from a top-quality CBD brand. This company is a market leader in sourcing, extraction, and packaging. Every time you open a bottle of CBD distillate from the CBDistillery, you know you’re getting a premium product that meets FDA testing standards.

In these CBDistillery reviews, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about this brand. If you’re on the fence of whether or not you should purchase a product from this company, then this review is for you.

CBDistillery – Sourcing

Sourcing is the first factor we look at when reviewing any CBD product. Where the manufacturer gets its product from matters.

You don’t want your CBD oil or gummies to come from sub-standard plants grown with chemicals and nasty ingredients that could potentially damage your health. We put CBDistillery to the test, reviewing the sources of its hemp for use in its CBD products.

The CBDistillery is a subsidiary company of Balanced Health Botanicals. BHB controls its manufacturing process using vertical integration in its supply channels to provide users with a true “seed to sale” product.

BHB owns grows on over 900-acres of land in Kentucky and Colorado, making it one of the biggest producers in the industry. Both the soil and the hemp undergo a rigorous 5-stage testing process that examines every life stage of the plant, from seedling to harvest.

We have to give CBDistillery top marks in this department. When it comes to controlling every phase of the plant from seed to harvest, this company knows what they’re doing.

Additional Ingredients

Most of the tincture products available from CBDistillery include only two ingredients; hemp and MCT oil, used as a carrier. The company states that they are firm believers in the medicinal use of the entire hemp plant.

However, when CBDistillery does decide to add ingredients to its products, they always use the best available. The company puts all of its additional ingredients under the same in-depth advanced testing to ensure that everything that goes into its products is clean and safe for human consumption.

CBDistillery – Extraction Method

CBDistillery uses two methods of extraction to separate the oil from the plant matter, ethanol and CO2.

CBDistillery Clear and Isolates

For its isolate products (THC-free), the brand uses the ethanol extraction method. The manufacturing process adds ethanol to the raw hemp material, creating a viscous crude oil, including the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant.

The company then runs the crude oil through a “wintering” process that removes all of the wax and fats from the original crude. After wintering, the oil goes through a decarboxylation process, which heats the crude oil to activate the CBD compound for digestion and utilization within the body.

After decarboxylation, the company distills the crude to remove all other psychoactive cannabinoids from the oil, leaving only pure CBD behind.

Full-Spectrum CBD Extraction

CBDistillery uses a CO2 extraction process for creating its full-spectrum CBD products. This solvent-free extraction method is the safest route for producing full-spectrum products that meet industry standards.

After extraction, the crude oil goes through the same wintering and decarboxylation process as the isolates. Every item that CBDistillery sells comes with third-party certified lab results to prove the contents of the CBD in your product. The company also makes its certificates of analysis readily available on its website, something that many other brands fail to accomplish.

The transparency on the extraction process is outstanding, and it’s impressive to see the company put its reputation on the line.

CBDistillery – Certification

As with any top-level CBD producer, CBDistillery adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and ISO 9001 global quality standards.

The cGMP manufacturing practices ensure that CBDistillery consistently produces products in-line with those set by the FDA and European regulations for CBD production and sale.

The ISO 9001 quality system assures the consumer that the company adheres to a globally-recognized quality management system. It’s also worth noting that CBDistillery is in the process of adding the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certification to its lineup of quality protocols as well.

CBDistillery – Customer Service

When you place your order with CBDistillery, the company processes your order in 2 to 4-days, and you have to wait a further 4 to 5-days for your shipment to arrive at your location. CBDistillery allows you to return any unopened packages within 7-days of purchase.

After receiving your return and verifying that the package is unopened, they refund your money within 1 to 2-business days. The customer service on offer from the site is average, but they do get back to you, and you can expect an answer to your query in 1 to 2-business days.

We found the customer service representatives to be both friendly and helpful in managing our requests.

CBDistillery – Customer Reviews

Take a look only about what people are saying about CBDistillery, and you’ll find nothing but positive reviews. The most popular product, the 2,500-mg tincture, has thousands of 5-star reviews, so we can assume that the company delivers high-quality products with high efficacy.

CBDistillery – Membership

CBDistillery is a member of the “Hemp Roundtable,” which is a non-profit dedicated to advocating for the manufacture and use of hemp products. The Hemp Roundtable has 24-organizations on its board, and 40-members, including CBDistillery.

CBDistillery also has partnerships with prominent sports figures, such as Sergio Pettis, a top-ranked UFC flyweight. The most notable collaboration is with recent ADCC jiu-jitsu champion, Gordon “The King” Ryan.

CBDistillery – Research and Development

CBDistillery has yet to be a part of any studies. However, the company is actively seeking these opportunities. With the passing of the “2018 Farm Bill,” the company expects organizations will finally start to research CBD and its effects on human health.

The company offers a diverse range of products and is always trying to add more to its line.

Top Products Available from CBDistillery

CBD Tincture

CBDistillery oil comes in options ranging in strength from 250mg to 5,000mg. You have the option of choosing from THC-free oils and full-spectrum products. The company also makes tinctures for pets as well.

Our favorite oil product is the 2,500-mg full-spectrum tincture. You get 30-servings per bottle, with as much as 85mg of pure CBD per milliliter. The product is remarkably affordable, with a bottle costing $150. Many other companies cap strength at 2,000-mg, and retail these products for $200, making CBDistillery a good deal.

The packaging is adequate, and you get a dropper with the bottle to help you manage accurate dosing. Each bottle of tincture comes with a QR code attached to the label, allowing you to check out the third-party testing results on the batch you’re using.

Flavor and Scent

The full-spectrum tincture comes in an unflavored format that has a slightly sweet fragrance. The oil has a strong hemp taste, and you don’t notice any flavor from the MCT carrier oil.

After a few doses, you should find the flavor tolerable, and there’s barely any aftertaste. The tincture also does not produce any repeating effect, something that’s important for anyone dealing with GERD.

Recommended Uses

CBDistillery promotes its tincture for providing anxiety relief, as well as removing pain and inflammation. It’s also a recommended product for sleep assistance and improves overall vitality and well-being in users.


The potency of this CBD tincture is astounding, and we think it’s one of the stronger products available. We found that the product lives up to its claims of reducing inflammation, and it also helps with putting you to sleep as well. CBDistillery offers high-quality CBD products designed for the seasoned user.

Other CBDistillery Products

CBD Pet tincture – Available in 150-mg bottles, with a full-spectrum oil that’s ideal for use in pets that are dealing with arthritis or pain. The oil also works well as a calming agent for your pets, which is useful around the 4th when fireworks displays are commonplace around the country.

99+% Pure CBD Isolate – This product comes in crystalline and formulation powders, making them ideal for use in cooking meals.

CBD Topicals – The company also offers you lip balm, salves, and skin creams for topical use. They spread evenly on your skin and absorb quickly without any greasy feel on your skin.

CBD Gummies – An excellent option for kids that are dealing with juvenile cancer or epilepsy. They taste great and are a fantastic bedtime treat that helps you sleep.

CBD Soft gel Capsules and Pills – These pills come in soft gels or vegan-friendly pills. They’re easy to swallow and useful.

CBD Vaping Oils – The company offers consumers both vape cartridges and vape pens in a wide variety of tasty flavors. The carts also contain MCT as a carrier oil. However, please note that the company only sells these products to customers over 21-years of age.

Wrapping Up – The Verdict

Overall, CBDistillery is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective, premium CBD product. The third-party testing and transparency of the companies processes are some of the best in the industry, and we think that CBDistillery deserves top-honors in the world of CBD health products.